Used AKTA Explorer 10 w/ computer/software and Frac 950

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The AKTA Explorer 10 presents a powerful yet easy-to-use automated FPLC system. Its p-900 pump generates flow rates from .001 to 10 mL/min at a maximum pressure of 25 MPa. Its UV-900 detector can read up to three different UV wavelengths between 190 and 700 nm simultaneously, whereas many other systems only read one at a time. Also, it is compatible with the FRAC-950 fraction collector, which can be outfitted with different racks depending on the desired tube size. It is operated by UNICORN 5 software, which boasts quick, efficient analysis with automatic configuration for parameters such as column volume, flow rate, and pressure limit. With this, the Explorer 10 proves it is a machine able to work independently from its busy scientist while continuing to generate accurate results for a wide range of values.

Item-Specific Notes:
This system includes:

  • Box-900
  • pH/C-900
    • Conductivity Flow Cell
  • UV-900
    • Cell 10
  • P-900 (10 ml heads)
  • Air-900
  • INV-907
  • Four PV-908 (24 MPa)
  • IV-908 (2 MPa)
  • P-950
  • M-925
  • Frac-950
    • Rack C
  • CU-950
  • Windows XP computer loaded with Unicorn 5 software

Components Included

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2027712Amersham Biosciences / GE HealthcareFrac-950ChromatographyFraction Collector
2027713Amersham Biosciences / GE HealthcareAccessoriesMiscellaneousAccessory