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The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend RT Plus Centrifuge Series delivers unprecedented speed and capacity together with the widest range of rotors and adapters available for a premium three-liter centrifuge. Supporting both research and clinical separation needs, our Sorvall Legend RT Plus Series easily accommodates blood collection tubes, conical tubes, flasks, and microtubes, while four ultra-light carbon rotors allow you to process more samples more quickly than ever before –freeing you to focus on results.Max Speed Swing Out Rotor 4x750ml (120V) : 4150 RPM (3700 xg)
Max Speed Angle Rotor : 15,000 RPM (24,400 xg)
Max Capacity Swing Out Rotor : 4×750 ml, 28×50 ml con, 108×5/7 ml vac, 84×10 ml vac, 4×4 microplates, 2x filter-column plates
Max Capacity Angle Rotor : 6×250 ml, 14×50 ml con, 6×94 ml48x2 ml, 8x50c,
Control System : Digital Set-Point, Microprocessor; self-diagnostics
Timer : 1 min – 99 h + hold
Braking : 9 rates
Acceleration : 9 rates
Programs : 4, direct keystroke access + pre-cooling program
Temperature range : -9�C to 40�C
Max Power (120V) : 1220 W
Dimensions(H x W x D) inch (mm) 14.3 x 28.7 x 26.2
(362 x 733 x 666)
Weight lb (kg) : 288 (131)

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Item-Specific Notes:
Includes rotor as pictured.