Used Precision Scientific 6LM

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The Precision High Performance incubators are ideal for laboratory applications requiring dry heat incubations in the ambient +5�C to 65�C and dealing with large loads of samples. Precision High Performance incubators are double door incubators which feature temperature uniformities as precise as + 0.3�at 37�C, built-in high temperature safety, and inner glass door so you can easily view the chamber contents without disturbing the inner chamber environment.
The large chamber capacity of 10 cu.ft (283,2L) is ideal for incubation of large loads of samples on a wide sample tray that enables full utilization of chamber due to the absence of center post.Model 6LM: Optimized temperature control for most demanding applications. This double door incubator with easy viewing through glass door without center post for full access to the chamber, combines microprocessor temperature control with mechanical convection to improve temperature uniformity and sensitivity of + 0.3�C and + 0.1�C .

Chamber temperature is set via a keypad on the face of the instrument while a bright LED readout displays actual chamber temperature to 0.1�C.

An independent Class 2 high temperature safety thermostat guards against thermal runaway and is user adjustable.