Used Bio-Rad BioLogic DuoFlow

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A benchtop FPLC system designed for high resolution purification of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules with recovery of biological function.

– Flow Rate: Up to 20 ml/min at 3500 psi (DuoFlow F10 pumphead with Maximizer), up to 80 ml/min at 1000 psi (DuoFlow F40 pumphead with Maximizer)
– Uses DuoFlow system software with easy-to-use graphic interface and menu-driven operation
– Flexible architecture allows use of Bio-Rad and non-Bio-Rad components

Item-Specific Notes:
Bio-Rad Duoflow Maximizer 20 system with computer/software.
-UV Detector – detector also monitors conductivity
-pH Monitor
-SVT3-2 Diverter Valve – Solenoid valve, 3-port, 2 position, 30 psi limit
-SV5-4 Select Valve – 5 port, 4 position solenoid valve, 30 psi limit
-AVR7-3 Automated Sample Injection Valve – High pressure sample inject valve, 9 port, 8 position, 3,500 psi limit

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
6002690DellP170SbComputer / ITMonitor
6002691DellOptiplex XEComputer / ITComputer
6002694Bio-RadBioLogic DuoFlowChromatographyFPLC System
6002695Bio-RadBioLogic MaximizerChromatographyValve
6002705Bio-RadAccessoriesMolecular BiologyAccessory