Used Texol NG-LCMS-30L

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The Texol GeniSys model NG-LCMS-30L is a a pure nitrogen generator ideal for various applications. This system features lightweight construction, low power requirements, and it is ideal for applications such as mass spectrometry, food packaging, photonics, and other pharmaceutical and medical applications. It has a max flow rate of 30 L/min a nitrogen purity of 99%, and an outlet pressure of 100psig.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
3012225Texol40Ltr ReservoirFacilityGas System
3012222TexolNG10-CFacilityGas System
3012236TexolGeniSys Gas SysytemFacilityGas System
3012242AirgasAutomatic Changeover ModuleMiscellaneousRegulator
3012239WikaiPressure GaugeMiscellaneousGauge