Used Perkin Elmer JANUS Standard

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The Perkin Elmer JANUS is an automated workstation and liquid handling unit designed to provide efficiency and convenience in sample preparation for a wide array of scientific applications. This modular system can be configured with two robotic arms: one for pipetting (either a four tip or eight tip Varispan arm) and one gripping arm for plate movement, each with dynamic maneuverability in a three coordinate direction (x, y, and z). Automated interchanging of pipetting heads takes less than half a minute and allows for dispensing into 96-, 384- and 1536- well microplates (both shallow- and deep-well). This flexibility is only bolstered by a wide range of pipetting volumes, one that begins as low as 20 nL and reaches 10 mL. The platform is compatible with fixed, washable, or disposable tips to meet any requirement, and samples as low as 50 ul (and 100 ul for test tubes) are detectable in microplates with the integrated Accusense level-sensing technology, making the JANUS automated workstation as accurate as it is versatile.

With this JANUS Standard model, up to 24 microplates can be accommodated on the deck simultaneously, and head positioning is reproducible to better than 1 mm for exceptional precision in preparing samples. WinPREP software provides convenience and efficiency with an intuitive user interface that address all imaginable variables in one program. The modular design of this liquid dispensing system ensures adaptability to meet the changing demands of any research application, including those in proteomics, genomics, molecular biology, drug discovery, cellular assays, and various other research disciplines.

Item-Specific Notes:
A liquid handling solution that provides real-time and future adaptability in throughput, plate capacity and dynamic volume range.