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The Shimadzu SIL-20A XR is a high performance autosampler. This unit improves on the best qualities of HPLC autosamplers to offer minimal carryover, quick cycling times, and a high level of reproducibility. Due to sensitive nature of many detectors, cross contamination is typically an obstacle in HPLC analysis. To combat this, the SIL-20A XR features an injection valve that incorporates a rotor seal composed of inert material, and an injection port that is mounted directly on the valve to circumvent the need for a transfer tube where carryover contamination can occur. Additionally, this system features a specially designed needle composed of stainless steel (treated to minimize active sites) with a reduced diameter to further limit possible contamination from carryover.

For increased efficiency, this autosampler offers faster cycle times to accommodate high throughput. The SIL-20A XR has the capability of running cycles in under ten seconds, an unparalleled speed that makes this system ideal for applications such as mass spectrometry analysis. It is also compatible with an optional rack changer, providing more plate capacity to keep up with increased throughput. For optimal reproducibility, the unit gives accurate injections in a range of 0.1 ul to 50 ul (with 100 ul option) at a maximum volume-accuracy of 1%. The intuitive design of the needle and pump serve to bolster reproducible results by discouraging carryover and sample loss; injections can be performed as either a total volume or variable volume sample injection, with a maximum of 30 repeated injections allowed per sample. Additional specifications for this unit include an operating pressure and pH range of 66 MPa maximum and 1–14, respectively.

Item-Specific Notes:
Like new. Un-used overstock item.
Includes Shimadzu Rack Changer, instruction books, and accessories as shown.
The SIL-20A enables high-speed injection and high-throughput sample processing without wasting sample.
Multiple vial and plate types are supported, and a control vial rack isolates standards from analytical samples.

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