Used Nikon Eclipse 50i

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The Nikon Eclipse 50i incorporates a host of advanced features that take the stress out of microscopy. A stay-in-position stage handle combined with a unique ergo tube ensure ideal viewing angle, producing outstanding results.

Item-Specific Notes:
Nikon Eclipse 50i microscope with Digital Sight DS-5M camera, and Digital Sight DS-L1 LCD controller. Also has Sony monitor. Has XY stage with slide holder, trinocular head.
Fluorescent lamp source is EXFO X-Cite 120, and has Halogen light

Eyepieces are both Nikon CFI 10x/22

Includes Five Nikon objectives:Plan UW 2x/0.06, inf./- WD 7.5
Plan Fluor 4x/0.13, inf./- WD 17.1
Plan Fluor 10x/0.30, DIC L/N1, inf./0.17 WD 16.0
Plan Fluor 40x/0.75, DIC M, inf./0.17 WD 0.72
Plan Fluor 100x/1.30 Oil, DIC H/N2, inf./0.17 WD 0.20

Three fluorescent Filters include: Tritc HQ, HQ:EN GFPLP, Omega Optical XF06

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
6001885EmersonLiebert Power Sure PSPComputer / ITPower Supply - UPS
6001886SonySDM-S73Computer / ITMonitor
6001884Photonic SolutionsXE120MicroscopyIlluminator
6001883NikonDigital Sight DS-L1MicroscopyController