Used Boekel 240000

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The Boekel Slide Moat is a versatile microscope slide incubator that is equally at home in a clinical or basic research laboratory. The Slide Moat has been specifically designed for the rigors of in situ hybridization or denaturation and is superb for all slide drying and warming procedures used in histology, cytology or pathology labs. The Slide Moat has an operating temperature range of 30 C to 100 C and uses a PID controller for easy temperature selection, rapid heat up and superb stability. This unit has a tight fitting tempered glass lid which seals to an integral gasket on the heating base. This airtight lid seals in moisture and only a few drops of water are required to maintain a saturated atmosphere for overnight incubations. The Slide Moat accommodates up to 30 standard microscope slides 1 x 3 inch or specialty slides designed for in situprocedures. NOTE: Boekel strongly recommends using covered and sealed slides for higher temperatures (>37 C) or prolonged period incubations (>1 hour). Applications In situ hybridization All single temperature microscope slide incubation procedures Slide warming and drying Immuno-histochemistry FISH Histology, Hematology Features PID temperature controller for easy temperature selection Tempered glass lid which seals with integral gasket on heating base. Capacity for 30 standard microscope slides.