Used Olympus CX31RBSF

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Manufacturer: Model: CX31RBSFCategory: MicroscopySubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


An upright binocular compound light microscope, designed for teaching and routine microscopy applications.

– Adapters allow for mounting of Olympus digital cameras
– Quadruple revolve nosepiece
– Fixed, rack-free mechanical stage
– Built-in Abbe condenser
– Built-in halogen illuminator (6V, 30W)
– Adapters allow for fluorescence illuminators

Item-Specific Notes:
This microscope is equipped with the following objectives:

PlanC 4X / 0.10
PlanC 10X / 0.25
UPlanApo 20X / 0.70

The ocular objective is 10X / 20