Used Horiba CAPA-700

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The Horiba CAPA-700 is a particle size distribution analyzer. This system utilizes liquid phase photosedimentation with gravitational and centrifugal acceleration for applications analyzing most particulates, emulsion, and polymer lattices. Measurements are taken via optical transmission wherein the proportional relationship between absorbancy and particle concentration is used in conjunction with the Stokes Sedimentation Equation.

The platform is fully integrated and incorporates a measuring unit with centrifugal and gravitational measurement sections, an analog unit, motor control unit, microcomputer, control panel, cathode ray tube (CRT), selector section, and printer. Measuring modes for the unit include Gravitational Sedimentation mode (GS), Centrifugal Sedimentation mode (CS), GRADIENT mode (GRAD), MULTI-1 mode (GS-CS linked measurement), and MULTI-2 mode (GS-GRAD linked measurement). Sensitivity ranges for GS and CS modes are 10 um to 300 um and 0.01 um to 30 um, respectively. Sedimentation distances for Gravitational Sedimentation are 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm, while distances for Centrifugal Sedimentation are 5 mm and 10 mm. Less than 10 mg of sample are required per measurement, making this system as efficient as it is precise.

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