Used Biotage SP1 Flash Purification System

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The Biotage SP1 is a flash purification system with high throughput purification capabilities. This purifications instrument is designed for efficiency, requiring only one flash system for a range of sample levels from milligrams to multigrams (>10 g). These scales include the synthesis of starting materials, intermediates, and final compounds. To purify such a range of starting compounds, one needs only to change the cartridge size used. This system easily scales up multiple orders of magnitude in sample sizes while maintaining accurate separation. Samples of up to 20 – 40 g maintain the same levels of separation samples as those of 300 mg. Scaling up is calculated through the use of a simplified table for measurements. And while the standard system build has one column for purification, it is easily upgraded to a four column purification system (SP4) for even higher throughput.

The compact size of the Biotage SP1, with dimensions of 19”(W) x 23”(D) x 24”(H), does not come at a loss for valuable analytical tools. A system of solvent monitoring serves two useful purposes. The first of these uses is that it is able to calculate the volume of solvent needed for purification sequences as well as monitoring what is used. This automates calculations so that the user does not need to do so. Manually, the flow rate of solvents can be adjusted to speeds of 1 to 100 ml/min. By monitoring solvent used, it is capable of its second purpose in alerting of remaining solvent volumes. In an additional analytical tool, sample identification is accomplished by dual variable UV detection. This allows for the flexible absorbance tuning of high sample loading. Access to programming and options for trial runs is available through a touch screen LCD monitor.

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Comes with Variable Wavelength UV Detector (200-320nm).

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