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The Aurora Photonics PortArray 5000 is a portable microarray reader for fluorescent and stain based signals. The PortArray 5000 produces high-quality images via low energy illumination technology. Low-power diode lasers create a uniform distribution of light to lessen the effects of background noise. In doing so, the instrument virtually eliminates the effects of photo-bleaching. This allows the instrument to achieve increased sensitivity in data collection. CCD-based one shot imaging collects the images of the microarray. Data is collected in high-quality images and is done so at ultra-fast speeds that can be adjusted. Sensitive imaging and portability make this microarray scanner well-suited for a variety of research and clinical settings, from academic and commercial laboratories to medical offices. No matter the desired area of use, portability facilitates transitions from lab to field-based use, giving a wide scope of applications.

The PortArray 5000 accepts microarray formats in 1” x 3” arrays, designed for BioChips of those same dimensions. With these arrays, imaging or monitoring can take place in either planar or 3-D layouts. Images can also be collected on both wet and dry arrays. All programming and imaging parameters are controlled via Tru-Image software. From this software, the operator is able to control all aspects of image capture, from zoom to temperature control. Additional features of software and instrument are available, providing functions such as monitoring thermal dissociation reactions in real time. Using such an optional feature, temperature can be controlled on a range form 5 – 75 C in 0.1 degree increments.

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Case with PortArray 5000, 1 Laptop, Manual, Mouse, and Cords

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