Used NuAire NU-425-600

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A six foot freestanding laminar flow biosafety cabinet used for providing a ventilated laboratory workspace with user and environmental protection.- Unit consists of top console with base stand/storage cabinet- Cabinet control with minihelic pressure gauge, motor voltage regulator, audible window alarm, circuit breakers, and power switches for fluorescent/UV lights, outlets, and blower- 30% exhausted, 70% recirculated airflow- Class II specification, type A2- HEPA filtered exhaust

Item-Specific Notes:
(items delivered by customer and damaged during transport)Missing stand, and front cover. Front bent and sash has trouble moving. Bottom spout may need replacing.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2021898NuAire6' StandMiscellaneousStand
2021899NuAire6' Control PanelHoodAccessory