Used Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent Microplate Fluorometer

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The Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Ascent FL is a compact microplate fluorometer and luminometer. An optical system based in fiberless direct illumination gives the instrument a wide range of applications. Best suited for research environments, applications include fluorometric protein, enzyme, and kinase studies; nucleic acid quantification; and immune and cell based assays. Numerous applications are aided by the reading speed of the Fluoroskan Ascent. A capability of rapid throughput makes this instrument well suited for studies involved in such areas as cytotoxicity and ion channel. Speeds are recorded being as low as 15 seconds for a 96-well microplate. Rapid throughput is also facilitated by the automation capabilities of the instrument, as robotics are easily integrated into workflows. The liquid dispensing system allows the attachment of up to three reagent dispensers. Access to a variety of reagents supports the execution of rapid kinetic assays. Successful monitoring of these fast developing assays is achieved through the execution of simultaneous dispensing and reading. This way, kinetic measurements can be taken starting from the beginning of reactions and throughout.

A compact design does not come at the expense of valuable sensitivity and precision. Optics execute sensitive readings from both the top and bottom of microplates ranging from 6 to 384 wells. The optical system is designed for low cross talk between sample wells to ensure accuracy of results.

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Two dispensers.

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