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The Quadra 384 is an automated liquid handler by Tomtec specializing in small volume pipetting. As suggested by the name, this instrument is a 384-well microplate pipettor. An automated system carries out the development of ELISA assays, apoptosis assays, and many others without human interaction. Automation and accuracy of aspirating and dispensing speed assay development allows attention to be placed elsewhere in the lab. This instrument has often served as the backbone of fully automated analytical laboratory systems.

Precision in small volumes and high throughput are both provided with the Quadra 384. Pistons in each needle syringe allow for volumes of fluid smaller than 0.5 to 60 uL to be dispensed in microplate wells. This positive displacement method allows for accurate delivery of fluid, providing a precision within less than 5% at sub-microliter volumes. From volumes as small as 0.5 uL, the instrument is capable of handling volumes as high as 450 uL. High throughput is provided with other features of the Quadra 384. Dispensing in 384-well microplates provides a high base speed of the liquid handler. Additionally, a multi-station setup facilitates fast transitions with an automated shuttle.

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2021798GatewayGP6-300Computer / ITComputer
2021796Cole Parmer7554-80PumpPeristaltic Pump
2021795Tomtec020846-01 Control Module (Tip Wash Station) Liquid HandlingAutomated System Accessory