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The Milli-Q Integral system includes a comprehensive and optimized sequence of water purification and monitoring technologies in a single unit, allowing both pure and ultrapure water to be produced directly from tap. When the system is equipped with a 0.2 μm filter, the high purity water delivered by the system is suitable for HPLC, LC-MS, MALDI-ToF-MS, IC, ICP, AA and most of the analytical techniques commonly used in the laboratory. When an ultrafiltration cartridge (BioPak) is utilized at the point-of-use, the water is suitable for genomics applications (quality at least equivalent to DEPC-treated water) and cell culture. The water produced following the system’s pretreatment step may be used for basic laboratory needs, such as buffer and reagent preparation, microbiology media preparation, histology, dissolution testing (with UV detection) and rinsing of glassware.

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2021503AmiconWater Filtration Pack & Vent Joystick ControllerWater PurificationAccessory
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