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Sorvall SUPER T 21 Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge
with floor model performance. The compact size and diverse capabilities of the Super T-21 make it the perfect personal centrifuge, appropriate for research and clinical applications. Choose from an array of high-performance rotors that allow you to spin a variety of tubes, bottles and even microwell plates. Spin from low speeds up to 21,000 rpm and capacities up to 3 Liters.
Refrigerated centrifuge
Unmatched combinations of high-speed (21,000 rpm), high g-force (49,555g), and high capacity (3L) all in a single benchtop centrifuge
Whisper-quiet operation (<62 dBA)
QUICKset menus save time for commonly used protocols
Stores up to 10 run programs
Soft-touch keypad makes inputting run conditions fast and easy
Temperature set range: -10 to +40C
Temperature control range: +4 to +40C
Temperature control accuracy: +/- 2C
Temperature stability: +/- 1C
Speed control range: 500 to 21,000 RPM
Speed control accuracy: +/-1% Timer: Digital, 0 to 99 hrs, 99 min or hold
Maximum capacity: 3 liters
Drive System: 1.2 HP high torque, brushless DC direct
Rate control: SOFTspinTM rotor control selects soft acceleration control to 500 rpm and deceleration control from 500 rpm.
Braking system: Positive action to 0 rpm
Program Feature: Up to 10 sets of run parameters

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