Used Applied Biosystems QTRAP 5500 w Agilent 1290 Infiity

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ABI QTRAP 5500 w/ Agilent 1290 Infinity LC/MS/MS System, equipped with Turbo V Ion Source, with computer and software

Item-Specific Notes:
Complete AB Sciex QTRAP 5500 LC/MS/MS system.

System includes:
Autoinjector – CTC Analytics (LEAP Technologies) PAL System single injector. Includes controllers and interface modules.
LC System – Agilent 1200 Series with G4220A Binary Pump, G4212A DAD Detector, G4208A Controller, and Solvent Tray.
Mass Spectrometer – AB Sciex QTRAP 5500 Triple Quad Ion Trap with Turbo V Ion Source (part no. 1034049 C). Equipped with Varian MS40+ vacuum pump. Serial Number: AU22871004. Includes cabinet for pump and subcomponents.
Computer System – Dell vPro computer loaded with Windows XP and Analyst software v. 1.5.2. Includes interface for system.
Accessories – Includes tool set, manuals/guides, software, tubing, and other accessories as shown.

Includes cabinet for MS system and table for LC system. Does not include computer bench.