Used Millipore AFS 3500

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Manufacturer: Model: AFS 3500Category: Water PurificationSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The Millipore AFS 3500 analyzer feed system produces pure water to feed laboratory clinical chemistry analyzers, which require an external, locally available source of water. The water is used for constant temperature baths, for flushing lines, for cleaning solutions and can also be used as a diluent in certain clinical chemistries. The AFS 3500 system includes reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment to allow hookup to tap water. Polishing also provides resistivity to 10 megohm-cm. Dissolved gas content is reduced to help prevent bubble formation in flush lines, near optical sensors and in water baths. The AFS 3500 provides water meeting Type 1 NCCLS standards. In addition, they are class 1 medical devices. The AFS 3500 system includes an all-teflon remote dispenser and water delivered from the remote dispenser is degassed. This eliminates the need to allow reconstituted reagents and solutions to equilibrate and “outgas”. The AFS system has an automatic recirculation feature to keep water quality high and bacterial growth low between uses. The AFS 3500 RO system has a drain capacity of 90L/hour minimum and a flow of 30L/hour at 25C.