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The Molecular Devices Discovery-1 Imaging System is a Gen II multidimensional imaging unit outfitted for cell based screening. This automated system utilizes inverted fluorescence microscopy for high content screening and analysis, and the automated microscope is equipped with a motorized six position lens turret to provide versatility in cellular imaging. The Discovery-1 produces high quality images for analysis via an incorporated Roper Scientific Photometrics CoolSnap HQ camera designed specifically for high sensitivity fluorescence microscopy, and the Prior ProScan microplate stage is fully maneuverable via the joystick and control module to allow for ease of use.

With the Molecular Devices Discovery-1 Imaging System, applications in a variety of life science disciplines can be conducted, including cellular assays for research within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The powerful, automated design of this microscopy unit provides cellular and subcellular imaging in an efficient manner, ideal for high throughput environments. It is ideal for cellular quantification studies such as morphology, signal intensity, and signal location. This platform is also an invaluable tool in signal transduction investigations, including research regarding membrane-bound receptors for hormones, neurotransmitters, and drugs; transcription factor translocation from cytosol to nucleus; cell death; cell division; and others.

Additional features include illumination via a Sutter Instrument Corp. Xenon Arc Lamp, an adjustable phase condenser, a Vincent Associates electronic shutter, and a four wheeled cart station for portability. Dimensions for the Discovery-1 imaging system are 60” H x 30” W x 36” D.

Item-Specific Notes:
Windows 2000 Pro with Metamorph software version 6.2

2x Plan APO, 4x Plan APO, 10x Plan Fluor, 20x Plan Fluor, 40x Plan Fluor, 60x Plan Fluor

Excitation Filters:
360, 436, 470, 535, 560, 615, 480

Emission Filters:
465, 480, 535, 610, 650, 700, 535


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3004219ThermoCatalyst-5 Robot ArmRobotic / AutomationRobot Arm
3004221Molecular DevicesDiscovery-1 Data Processing UnitMicroscopyImaging System
3004222UnbrandedComputerComputer / ITComputer
3004229Molecular DevicesAccessoriesMicroscopyAccessory
3004870SymbolLS-1220-I300AMiscellaneousScanning System