Used FTS Systems FC100A01

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Manufacturer: Model: FC100A01Category: Water Bath / CirculatorSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


FTS Systems FC100A01. A mechanically refrigerated immersion cooler enables directed cooling via a probe. A wide range of compatible probes are available for various industrial and laboratory applications. Direct expansion of refrigerant in probe creates temperatures of -50°C or -100°C at the probe. Temperatures to -50°C in 30 minutes or to -80°C in 50 minutes (2 L bath). Heat Removal: Up to 750 BTU (configuration and temperature dependent). Features RS232 interface for external control and PID control with external sensor. Temperature: Ambient to -100°C. Temperature Control Stability: ± 0.5°C. Dimensions (Approx): 20” D x 10” H x 18.5 W.