Used Thermolyne 10-Liter Arctic Express

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Manufacturer: Model: 10-Liter Arctic ExpressCategory: Cold StorageSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


The 10-Liter Arctic Express® by Thermolyne® is adual shipper storage system suitable for transport of non-hazardous samples by common carrier. It can be used as a dry shipper or a laboratory cryovessel. It has a holding time of up to 21 days when used as a dry shipper; up to 42 days when used as a laboratory cryovessel. Color-coded can and cane system allows for easy retrieval of stored sample. Furnished complete with reusable “mushroom” shipping case to prevent damage. Lockable lid prevents unauthorized entry. Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 10-Liters. Sample Capacity (1.2mL Vials): 150.