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The Microm HM 550 (now manufactured by Thermo Scientific) is a cryostat device ideal for use in clinical or research applications. This unit offers automated specimen retraction and moveable chamber illumination to negate light reflection, and also features a finely motorized feed system with a range of 1 um to 500 um. The chamber of this cryostat / microtome can be maintained at temperatures as low as -35 C and a zero positioning function ensures that each specimen is securely locked in place. Integrated vessels for collecting waste fluids reduces contamination at maximum safety and convenience to the user, and three individual speed settings movement resetting from the motorized coarse feed. Additional specifications for this system include a section thickness range of 1 um to 100 um, a trimming section thickness range of 5 um to 500 um, a vertical cutting stroke of 60 mm, and a total horizontal feed of 28,000 um. Maximum specimen size for this cryostat are 70 mm x 55 mm.

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Model OMVP, Catalogue 956564 includes Object Cooling, Motorized Sectioning, and Vacutome (HM 550 OMVP); Basic unit with Peltier, Object Cooling, Motorized Sectioning, and Vacutome.

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