Used Shimadzu SIL-10A

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Shimadzu SIL-10A Variable Volume Autosampler. The autosampler unit, which can be integrated into almost all HPLC systems to provide automated pre-treatment and injection. Sample Processing Capability: 100 (using rack S), 80 (using rack L), 192 (using rack MTP2), 25 (using rack LL). Sample Vial: 7 types, made of either glass or polypropylene. Number of Injections: 1-30 times per sample (varies with sample). Injection Volume Range: 1 – 100 µL standard, 1.0 µL steps. Injection Repeatability: RSD: 1.0% (SIL-10AF); RSD: 1.0% < 1 mL injection (SIL-10AP). Setting of Analysis Time: 0.01 – 9999.9 (0.01 minute increments). Dimensions: 260 (W) x 150 (D) x 280 (H) mm.