Used Tecan SLT 96 PW

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The Tecan SLT 96 Plate Washer is a high performance microplate washer for 96-well plates. Due to its advanced wash head design the 96 PW processes all wells of a 96-well microplate simultaneously allowing a dramatic reduction of the total processing time to a couple of seconds. Additionally, 96 PW is known for its excellent washing performance, reliability and attractive pricing making it the ideal choice for Enzyme Immuno Assays (EIA) in research applications when higher throughput is needed. Product highlights include: Reliable microplate washer for fast processing of 96-well plates. Advanced wash head with 96-dispense and 96-aspiration probes for optimum throughput. Excellent wash performance ensures a minimum residual volume of less than 2 ul/well. Easy on-board programming via built-in keypad. Full control of wash parameters via on-board software. Aerosol cover around wash head for maximum safety. Bubble Sensor for on-line process control of feeding line for wash buffer. Automated cleaning procedure for easy maintenance.