Used Pendo Tech PDKTP-PCS

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PendoTech PressureMAT Model PDKTP-PCS. A pressure monitoring system that features a display, alarm, and transmitter. Monitors pressure through connected transducers with visual indication and analog output of reading, and provides alerts when pressures move outside of specified range.

Designed for use with DA15 wheatstone bridge disposable pressure sensors. Comprised of the control system box with user interface and connectors on the back panel. Includes four pressure sensor inputs. Connects via standard RS232 interface for data logging. Pressure Sensor Range: -7.0 psi to 75 psi. Analog Output Range: 4-20 mA. Analog Accuracy: ±0.01 mA. Dimensions: 8.25” W x 4.05” H x 2.125” D. Operates at 12 VDC, 1A.