Used Scharfe System CASY Cell Counter + Analyzer System Model TT

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Manufacturer: Model: CASY Cell Counter + Analyzer System Model TTCategory: Cell Counting / SortingSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Cell Counter + Analyzer System Model TT
determines the cell number and size
distribution in a sample.
The viability of the cells is measured directly.
The aggregation level of the cells is
determined and automatically included in the calculation of the cell concentration.

– Measurement Principle used: Electronic pulse area analysis of Scharfe System
– Dynamics of the measurement : in volume > 1:70,000 in diameter >1:40

– Measured Size channels: 512,000
– Displayed size channels: 400
– Measurement range: 0.7 – 120 um
– Resolution: 1 in 512,000
– Typical analysis time: 10 seconds
– Sample volume:200 ul – 4 ml
– Interfaces:
RS 232 (DB9), parallel (DB25)

Item-Specific Notes:
– 150 micron, single-capillary
– Includes keypad controller

Components Included

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2013143Cell Counting / SortingController