Used Millipore Vantage A2 Column VA 90 x 500

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Manufacturer: Model: Vantage A2 Column VA 90 x 500Category: ChromatographySubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Vantage S2 and A2 columns are ideally suited for development, pilot or small scale production purification within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Vantage A2 (VA) offers pneumatically-assisted axial compression and 7 bar (100 psi) pressure rating. Useful when used with more rigid, higher resolution chromatographic media.
Flow Cell Material: TPX. Operating Temperature Range, �C: 2�30. Diameter, cm (in): 8.9 (3.5). External Surface Material: 316L stainless steel, aluminum bronze, polypropylene, Acetal. Bed Support Material: Polypropylene (15 �m). Model: VA 90 x 500. Bed Volume, L: 0�2.9 (3.3�6.2 with extension tube). Bed Height, mm: 0�465 (525�1005 with extension tube). Maximum Inlet Pressure, bar (psi): 6.9 (100). Seal Material: EPDM Column Tube Material: TPX-polymethylpentene Cross-sectional Area, cm2: 62.