Used Billups-Rothenberg Modular Incubator Chamber

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Manufacturer: Model: Modular Incubator ChamberCategory: Incubator / Oven / Incubator ShakerSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


An airtight, cylindrical, self-contained incubator chamber used to customize tissue culture environment conditions for gas mixture, temperature, and humidity.

– Used for in vitro fertilization, HIV isolation, creation of hypoxic/hyperoxic/normoxic environmental conditions, organ culture and the culturing of a host of cell lines
– Capacity for 84 x 35mm petri dishes, 27 x 60mm petri dishes, 12 x 100mm petri dishes, 09 x 96-well microculture plates, 18 x 25-cm2 tissue culture flasks
– Lid and Marman clamp design allow easy access to experiments
– The inside of the chamber offers a seamless, crevice-free interior with rolled corners to ensure easy cleaning and decontamination
– Reliable airtight seal

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