Used Axon Instruments ImageXpress 5000A

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An automated cellular imaging and analysis system, used for rapid analysis and acquisition of fluorescence images for high-throughput cell screening.

– Used for cell screening applications in microtiter plates
– Scans 384-well plate at full resolution (1280 x 1024) with two fluorescence images per well in 20 minutes
– Robust high-speed laser autofocus
– Rapid selection of up to 10 excitation and emission filters, up to 4 dichroic beamsplitters
– High-resolution cooled CCD imaging
– Fast, precise x-y stage

Item-Specific Notes:
Epifluorescence-based instrument. Comes with computer/software loaded. Has two objectives,
Plan Fluor 10x/0.30 and Plan Fluor 20x
Four filters: Rhodamine, Cy5, DAPI, FITC

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