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The Guava PCA is a benchtop flow cytometer suited for research applications. This compact system offers precision and robustness and is designed for automated cell counting and relative size measurement of cells and particles within flow cells at high throughputs (12 ul per minute to 60 ul per minute). The instrument utilizes two color detection (1 scatter) via green laser and the Guava Flow Cell, offering accurate analysis and reproducible results without the need for problematic sheath fluid. Emission wavelength ranges from 580 nm to 583 nm and 675 nm to 680 nm for the two lasers, with an excitation wavelength at 532 nm. Samples are accommodated in either 1.2 mL or 1.5 mL tubes, with a required sample volume of 125 ul and 10 – 500 cells/ul per assay. The unit is ergonomic and efficient without sacrificing power, offering a reduced footprint of about 1 ft2 with dimensions of 8.5” H x 12.6” W x 14.3” D.

Item-Specific Notes:
Guava PCA System uses a green laser for excitation, two fluorescence detectors, and a forward scatter detector for assessing relative size. Comes with IBM laptop that has software CytoSoft version 2.1.4 software loaded. Includes Guava Viacount in software.

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