Used Agilent Thermostatted Column Compartment SL

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Manufacturer: Model: Thermostatted Column Compartment SLCategory: ChromatographySubcategory: Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty


Agilent 1200 Series thermostatted column compartment SL with column identification module and CAN cable.The Agilent 1200 Series thermostatted column compartment SL supports temperatures up to 100°C to enable ultra-fast separations with columns filled with sub-two micron particles at pressures below 600 bar. With column backpressures below 600 bar chromatographic performance and instrument stability are better and more reliable. Column temperatures of or close to 100°C are of advantage in standard LC to improve selectivity or to reduce eluent viscosity. Features: Temperature precision specification of±0.05°C for repeatable retention times and peak areas
Three full-length, 30-cm columns fit inside the spacious column racks.
Maximum application flexibility and stability by Peltier cooling and heating from 10°C below ambient up to 100°C.
Two temperature zones possible with independent right and left setpoints by independent heat exchangers, for example for precolumn heating and postcolumn cooling in ultra-fast LC with sub-two micron columns. Because both effects are achieved with one themostatted column compartment SL, no additional volume is added to the chromatogram by capillaries, which could destroy the separation.Low dispersion – optimized for low internal volume contribution, just 9µL with the standard or even only 3.1µL with optional new low dispersion heat exchangers.
Optional new valves with 600 bar support are for column switching and automated column regeneration.
Ceramics for long lifetime – optional high quality Rheodyne column switching 600 bar valve with ceramic stator-face assemblies and optional Rheodyne column regeneration 600 bar micro valve.

Item-Specific Notes:
055 – 2Ps/6Prt/600bar Valve for TCC SL