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Ultra-fast separations can generate sharp and narrow peaks with peak widths smaller than 1 second. The Agilent 1200 Series DAD SL offers multiple wavelength and full spectral detection at up to 80 Hz sampling rate, keeping up with the analysis speed of ultra-fast LC. Even when operated at high data rates, the 1200 Series DAD SL allows precise identification, quantification and peak purity analysis at trace levels. This exceptional capability assures that your ultra-fast LC methods comply with the strictest regulatory performance requirements.FEATURES:
Deuterium and tungsten lamps with a wavelength range of 190 to 950 nm offer an expanded detection range with lowest detection limit.
Low noise front-end electronics and new, patented flow cell design delivers lowest detection limits resulting from minimized short-term noise (typical<±6μAU ASTM). 1024 diodes and a 1-nm slit achieve high spectral resolution. Programmable slit (1 to 16 nm) for rapid optimization of sensitivity, linearity and spectral resolution provides optimum incident light conditions. Diode array design enables simultaneous acquisition of up to 8 compound-specific wavelengths for increased sensitivity and selectivity.Electronic temperature control (ETC) provides maximum baseline stability and practical sensitivity under fluctuating ambient temperature and humidity conditions. Reference wavelength eliminates background interference. RFID tags for all flow cells and UV lamp provide new levels of data traceability by recording parameters, cell dimensions, lamp usage, etc.“Data-never-lost insurance”with built-in Data Recovery Card (DRC) prevents data losses in the event of communication breakdowns between instrument and PC. Range of 9 analytical and preparative flow cells provide maximum application flexibility.

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016 – Semi-micro flow cell

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