Used Sartorius YDP03-OCE

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The Sartorius YDP03-OCE data printer with built-in real-time clock with statistics programs designed for Sartorius balances equipped with an RS-232 interface. Text and data are printed with up to 24 characters per line and the unit is equipped with a real-time clock. High contrast LCD that shows the date or time as well as the current transaction number. Integrated rechargeable batteries with battery level indicator. Runs on the balance’s power, no separate power supply necessary. Easy to change paper roll and ink ribbon cassette. The Sartorius YDP03-OCE data printer meets the quality standards of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in compliance with the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP(Good manufacturing Practice).

In addition to recording individual weighing data the data printer can generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. All values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. The following can be computed/printed out.

Number of weighing operations
Mean value
Standard deviation
Variation coefficient
Minimum value/weight
Maximum vale/weight
Difference between the maximum and minimum value/weight
The Sartorius YDP03-OCE data printer is powered by the Sartorius Balance via the printer cable that is supplied with the YDP03-OCE data printer. Turning ON the Sartorius balance when the printer is connected will automatically turn ON the printer. The rechargeable batteries with be charging when printer is not in use, but the balance is turned ON. The Sartorius YDP03-OCE uses a standard paper roll 57.5 mm ±0.5mm with a maximum diameter of 65mm.

Item-Specific Notes:
Printer for Sartorius LP2200P