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The Thermo Savant Discovery SpeedVac is a compact solution for high throughput laboratory drying needs. Removal of solvents for the concentrating of samples is rapidly accomplished with an oversized vacuum port that speeds solvent evaporation. A combination of this vacuum, centrifugation, and heat technology creates the drying power provided. Centrifugation involves multiple levels of rotors that are all interchangeable for sample vessel needs. For instance, the SpeedVac can handle up to 120 shallow well microplates at once or whole test tube racks depending on operator needs. For heat, temperatures inside the instrument can be programmed to reach anywhere from ambient to 80 C.

In spite of such a large capacity, components create a modular instrument with a compact footprint. Included are a cold-trap, concentrator, and vacuum pump. The built-in -50 C cold-trap matches the high capacity of the SpeedVac storage space with a 7.5 L capacity. A maintenance-free vacuum pump increases convenience thanks to oil-free operation. And with the pump designed for the handling of damaging solvents, there is no worry when using solvents such as acetonitrile, DMSO, and methanol that parts will be damaged or corroded. The instrument, with all components accounted for, is able to fit into any conventional walk-in fume hood.

Applications for the Discovery SpeedVac are primarily aimed towards those dealing with combinatorial chemistry. Specifically, applications such as proteomics, metabolite research, handling of DNA/RNA, drug and forensics testing are supported with the SpeedVac. A simple interface for setting operational parameters facilitates fast and efficient use of time in the lab.

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Can hold up to 120 96-well plates. Currently has rotors for 48 plates. requires refrigeration work, Sold AS IS.

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