Used EG&G BERTHOLD Night Owl Molecular Light Imager

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A low-light luminescent imaging system designed for non-invasive in-vivo bioluminescent and biofluorescence imaging.

– Used to monitor gene expression or disease progression in living organisms with high sensitivity
– Equipped with cooled, slow scan CCD cameras
– Light-tight cabinet for preventing ambient interferences
– Motor-driven camera positioning, reproducible within ± 100 µm allowing very precise height correction
– Images are acquired and processed using direct computer control with WinLight software

Item-Specific Notes:
From the Berthold web site: The BERTHOLD Night OWL LB981-NO is a versatile imaging system for measurement of 2D and 3D samples. Both microscopic and macroscopic sized samples can be investigated. Whole animals or plants can be imaged as well as blots, gels microplates, petri dishes and micro (dot) arrays. Adaption of the CCD camera to a microscope enables the investigation of cells, tissue sections from insects, animals and plants. NightOWL is designed to meet the needs of scientists measuring weak light signals as they are emitted from luminescent as well as fluorescent probes. The instrument operates under direct computer control. Images can be acquired and processed using the WinLight 32 software or additional software processing packages.

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