Used Lauda RE 106

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Manufacturer: Model: RE 106Category: Water Bath / CirculatorSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Working temperature range -20 to 120 deg C. 17 L/min pump flow rate. 4 to 6 L bath volume. Bath opening / depth: 150 x 130 / 160 mm. 115V, 60 Hz. Heating power: 1.5 kW. Cooling output at 20 deg C: 0.2 kW.

Item-Specific Notes:
Lauda®Ecoline Refrigerating Circulator provides all the features you need and want in an affordable Refrigerating Circulator with internal/external temperature control capabilities. Because of their heating power, these compact refrigeration units can be used in a wide range of applications: ~Distillation condensers ~Refractometers ~Electrophoresis systems ~Spectrophotometers ~Rotary Evaporators ~Calibration ~Isoelectric focusing ~Polarimeters ~Chromatography ~General laboratory cooling Product features: ~A modified PID controller provides energy-saving temperature control—adjusts the 1,300-watt heater power to correspond with effective demand and compensate for temperature drift ~Uses environmentally safe CFC-free R-134a refrigerant ~Electronically controlled high output pumps with five selectable settings ~Adjustable five-speed pressure pump features a maximum flow rate of 20 L/min. with an outflow pressure of 0.4 bar, and it circulates to closed-loop systems only ~User calibratable electronics eliminate the need for temperature correction logs—ideal for laboratories that must verify the temperature on the display against a calibrated source ~The flow may be split between the internal bath circulation and an external circuit ~Automatic refrigeration control saves energy, increases the life of the compressor, and automates the unit ~Models with temperature ranges to–30°C Built-in safety: ~Independent low-liquid-level safety shuts off power should the liquid fall below a minimum level ~Audible alarm indicates when a safety feature has been activated ~Adjustable over-temperature protection ~High viscosity detection of bath liquid prevents any damage to the pump system ~Operating temperature may be displayed in°C or°F ~Compact size 7.9 inches