Used Rainin Pipet Plus 200ul (R200)

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Manufacturer: Model: Pipet Plus 200ul (R200)Category: Liquid HandlingSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Latch-mode continuously adjustable digital microliter
pipette. RAININ Pipet-Plus pipettes redefine manual pipetting. Pipet-Plus differs from conventional manual pipettes by using a latch trigger mechanism and aspiration rate controller. These features improve precision from sample to sample and from technician to technician.Designed as a system with thin-wall RAININ tips, Pipet-Plus
helps reduce the risk of cumulative trauma disorders by reducing the number of thumb strokes by 50% and by using light spring and tip ejector forces. Piston Latch/Trigger Release: The patented piston latch secures the piston at the zero point. A light touch on the trigger release starts the pick-up stroke. Aspiration Rate Controller: Pick-up stroke speed is governed by a patented aspiration rate controller that can easily be set for fast or slow operation, depending on sample viscosity. Even at the fastest setting, piston speed is constrained to prevent sample splash. Volume Lock: The variable-resistance volume lock prevents inadvertent changes to the volume setting. The volume setting can be locked or unlocked by turning the control wings. Recommended volume: 20ul to 200ul. Increments: 0.2 ul.