Used Stratagene Stratacooler II

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The StrataCooler®II benchtop cooler is designed to insulate and protect valuable enzymes from temperature fluctuations. While enzymes are stored in a–20°C freezer, the StrataCooler II benchtop cooler will maintain the
enzymes at a constant–20°C and will protect the enzymes from periodic temperature fluctuations due to open freezer doors, frost-free cycles or power loss. While the enzymes are used at the laboratory bench, the StrataCooler II benchtop cooler will also maintain the enzymes from–15°to–20°C for at least 2 hours (see Figure 1), making the enzymes available for immediate use and avoiding the inconvenience of ice baths or constant trips to the freezer. The StrataCooler II benchtop cooler accommodates 1.5- and 0.5-ml tubes and is made of a break-resistant durable plastic. Available in various colors.

Item-Specific Notes:
Cold/freezer rack for enzymes.