Used Olympus IX50

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Olympus IX50 microscope for fluorescence.

Includes the following; Eyepieces: WH10x/22 and WH10X-H/22

Objectives: CPlanFL 10x/0.30 PhC LCPlanFL 20x/0.40 Ph1 w/CAP P1.1 LCPlanFL 40x/0.60 Ph2 w/CAP P1.1

Light Sources: Back: U-LH100HG 100W source w/Olympus power supply

Overhead: U-LS30-3 lamp

Filter cube wheel has one green and two blue cubes.

Computer runs Windows 98 2nd Ed., and has Image Pro Plus 4.5, SPOT Basic and SPOT Advanced capture software.

Trinocular head that includes the RT Slider Spot Camera

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2005225Diagnostic InstrumentsRTPS-INMicroscopyPower Supply
2005224Computer / ITComputer
2005227NECMultiSync LCD 1530VComputer / ITMonitor