Used Biacore 3000

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BIACORE 3000 – complete system with Biacore 3000 Control Software 3.2, BIAevaluation 3.2, and BIAsimulation software, on a Compaq P3, 800 mhz computer. Original purchase in 2000.

Biacore®3000 is the highest performance research system available for label-free studies of biomolecular binding and an ideal system for all research laboratories, providing high quality data on the kinetic and affinity parameters for a given biomolecular interaction.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2005221Philips150PComputer / ITMonitor
2005222Hewlett PackardDeskJet 970CxiComputer / ITPrinter
2005220CompaqDeskPro ENComputer / ITComputer