Used Hewlett Packard 79854A

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Manufacturer: Model: 79854ACategory: ChromatographySubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


A multiwavelength photo diode array detector used for obtaining spectral profiles of liquid chromatography eluents.

– 2 line by 16 character fluorescent display with real-time display of operating parameters or absorbance and wavelength of maximum absorbance
– Integrated keyboard with function keys, parameter editing during run possible
– External control via GPIB with ChemStation or RS-232

– Detection Type: Double beam photometer
– Wavelength Range: 190 nm to 600nm, adjustable in 1 nm increments
– Wavelength Accuracy:±1 nm
– Bandwidth Range: 2 to 400 nm, selectable in 1 nm increments
– Spectra Acquisition: 12.5 ms from 190 to 600 nm

Item-Specific Notes:
Diode Array Detector