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The Spectroline CC-80 UV fluorescence cabinets are ideal for darkroom needs, offering both superior fluorescence analysis and instant photo-documentation of research findings. The flexible, contoured eyepiece features a UV-absorbing window for viewing safety. It is easily removable to allow substitution of any “snap-on” Spectroline Camera Adapter for photo-documentation.Rugged and durable, these cabinets are made of aluminum with a chemical-resistant polyurethane coating. Felt curtains permit access to the interior while blocking out ambient light. Visible epillumination is provided by an internal 25-watt white light source. Both the external ultraviolet and white light sources are controlled by switches conveniently located on the top of the cabinets. The spacious CC-80 cabinet accepts standard electrophoresis gels and up to two 8 x 8″ (20 x 20cm) samples.For bright fluorescent response, our cabinets accommodate various Spectroline lamps. CC-80 will accept any E-series hand-held lamp with varying UV short, medium and long wavelength combinations.
For epi-illumination, our Spectroline UV Transilluminators may be used with the CC-80 system. The bottom panels of the cabinets are readily removable to provide an opening sized to match the various transilluminator filter areas.Only 1 cabinet included.

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Comes with attached Photodoc Camera Adaptor

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