General Description


Beckman - 126
Analytical Pump SS System Gold® HPLC systems incorporate the latest technological advances in hardware design. The solvent delivery modules are built with the digitally controlled rapid refill pump design with automatic compressibility compensation that has received multiple patents. These features produce smooth flow from microbore to semi-preparative flow rates, and the high-pressure mixing design eliminates the need for constant helium sparging or degassing. The pumps are combined with high-sensitivity UV/VIS and diode array detectors and autosamplers with automation capability to build HPLC systems that have a reputation for the best performance, ease of use and troubleshooting, and longevity due to a solid and reliable design. The HPLC systems are capable of standalone control via an easy-to-program front panel on the pump module or they can be controlled with 32 Karat™ chromatography software which offers data collection and analysis as well.