Centritech Lab II Centrifuge

General Description

The Sorvall Centritech Lab 2 is a centrifuge meant for benchtop use. Given the size of the instrument, it is ideal for low throughput laboratory applications. Often, it is used for pilot production. With this small size comes an ergonomic design that allows for efficient use of space and ease of operation. Gentle handling is ensured by the centrifuge with forces never exceeding 250 x gravity. Cell handling leads to little damage done to delicate cells, which in turn creates higher cell viability. With such a small footprint and sensitive handling of cell samples, the Lab 2 centrifuge offers any biological laboratory an efficient tool to increase overall productivity.

Sorvall - Centritech Lab II Centrifuge
- System includes Sorvall Centritech continuous flow centrifuge, 85102 control module, 85102 flow module, and manual
- Uses disposable and sterile separation inserts
- Used to separate viable cells from dead cells and clarified supernatant
- Handles flow rates up to 10 L/hour for bioreactors from 5 to 250 L in size
- Designed for easy scale-up to the Centritech Cell process-level system