General Description

The Analyst HT is a multimode spectrometer designed by LGL Biosystems specifically for high throughput scanning (HTS). This makes the identification of active compounds in biochemical pathways an ideal application for the instrument, as a wide range of scanning modes are necessary to identify all active components. This instrument provides a wide range of detection modes and robotic integration capabilities that enhance the intended role in drug designing laboratories.

A range of detection modes are available with the Analyst HT, including fluorescence, glow luminescence, and absorbance. Fluorescence modes include time resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence polarization (FP), and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). Optical systems provide a range of 320 – 900 nm for absorbance detection. This optical range is made possible by the SmartOptics hardware. This is a flexible optical system based on three-axis positioning, capable of adjusting in the vertical axis so as to optimize light collection and avoid contamination from neighboring wells that produce noise in data.

High throughput capabilities are illustrated by an ability to run 200 384-well plates in under nine hours. Samples can be run on both 96 and 384 well microplates. Rapid data acquisition is aided by fully automated optical and detection settings. With these settings permitting automated adjustments, the instrument has an ability to integrate with robotic systems, further increasing its high throughput capabilities. These include microplate stackers that facilitate the turnover rate previously listed. Control of the instrument comes via a computer with Criterion (2.0) software installed for experiment programming and design purposes.

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