General Description

The Tecan SLT SPECTRAFluor is an automated microplate fluorometer. This platform provides PC controlled fluorescence and absorbance measurement, and is versatile enough to meet the requirements of many applications. For fluorescence analysis, a highly sensitive low dark current photomultiplier tube (PMT) provides Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Fluorescence Resonance Technology (FRET), and top and bottom Fluorescence Intensity (FI). To avoid cross contamination, scans should optimally be run with black microplates (black/clear for bottom to top reading), any of which are accepted in 6-, 24-, 96-, 384-, and 1536- well format for added flexibility. The instrument includes an absorbance reading mode for both the UV and VIS range and has adjustable bandwidth.

System sensitivity is ensured within a range of less than or equal to 3 pg fluorescein per 200 ul, or 8 fmol per well for black plates. Spectral range includes 360 nm to 700 nm and 230 nm to 750 nm for fluorescence and absorbance, respectively. Light is provided by xenon flash lamp source, and as many as eight fluorescence filters can be accommodated (four filters per slide). Absorbance measurement precision for the unit is between 0 and 3 OD at 492 nm. Thermal incubation is possible between 5 C and 40 C, and shaking is offered in both linear and orbital mode at three speeds.

Tecan - SpectraFluor
Equipped for fluorescence, absorbance, and kinetics mode. Top and bottom reading with shaking capability.
Excitation filters: 360, 430, 485, 590
Emission: 465, 535, 595, 635
Tecan - SpectraFluor
Includes computer with Magellan 2.5 software.
Tecan - SpectraFluor
- Includes computer loaded with XFluor4 software.