LS 1801

General Description

A benchtop, microprocessor-controlled, liquid scintillation system, designed to provide highly accurate, automated counting of the level of radioactivity in radioactively tagged samples.

- Used to detect beta and gamma emitting isotopes such as 3H, 125I, 14C, 35S, 45Ca, 51Cr, 33P and 32P
- Can perform a wide range of calculations on the data obtained from counting

- Capable of holding up to 648 miniature (~7 mL) or 336 maxivials (~20 mL) and processing the automatically
- Can store up to 10 programs for automatic processing, with RS232 port for data export
- Efficiency: ≥ 60% for 3H, ≥ 95% for 13C in a wide open window
- Maximum Count Rate: 26 x 10^6 cpm for total singles, 10 x 10^6 cpm for coincident counts (0-400 channels), 13 x 10^6 cpm (0-670 channels), 5 x 10^6 cpm (671-1000 channels)
- Ambient Temperature Range: 15°C to 30°C, calibration within 5°C of operation

Beckman Coulter - LS 1801
Includes user manual and accessories. Has Cesium internal source.