General Description

A benchtop, quad block-heated thermal cycler designed for use in high-throughput, multi-user amplification reactions.

- Color 8.4 TFT touch screen interface for programming, control, and real-time monitoring of each block
- 4 independently controlled heating blocks and 8 peltier heating elements
- Uses 96 (0.2mL tubes) or 384 well plates (standard or G-Storm FAST blocks)
- Heated lid as a sample heat-exchanging overlay

- Temperature Range: 4°C - 99°C
- Block Accuracy: ± 0.4°C (20-99°C)
- Volume Range: 2 - 150 μl
- Ramp Rate: Up to 3°C/sec (standard block)
- USB ports for external connection and data export

G Storm - GS4
no blocks, chassis only